Tasty and Easy-to-Chew Hay Replacer

When Kate first got Bodie on loan, she was very underweight and at 26 years old, Kate was worried she wouldn’t ever put the weight back on. Bodie also had very few teeth, making grazing and eating hay particularly difficult. Kate decided to replace her hay with a large bucket of Dengie Performance Fibre to ensure Bodie is getting plenty of fibre in her diet that’s also tasty and easy for her to chew.

“Feeding an older horse is difficult in itself, introducing poor teeth yet again adds a layer of difficulty, however feeding an older horse, with poor teeth who is in full time work is a real challenge”.

“Bodie is a tough cookie to crack when it comes to food but the Performance Fibre has been really useful. It has helped keep her fibre content up and given her something to chew due to its manageable size rather than her just sucking up slop! Bodie is now in fantastic shape and has been complimented on by many who visit the yard and also by our vet”.

Bodie is now 29 years old, is in regular work and still enjoys being out show jumping and eventing. “Bodie has no desire to slow down, so as long as I can keep up with the demands of her body we will continue to be in work”.

Kate Costa and Bodie Showjumping