Lenny wows at Keysoe

A lockdown story

The virus has made us all aware of things we take for granted.  I have so missed teaching my clients and watching their progress and the worry of my family staying healthy, but on the positive side, the weather has been lovely and I have had time to do things I cannot normally do without the stress of time.

Hannah Esberger, Lockdown Photo MontageWe have been home schooling – a bonus with Molly’s home economics is that we have had some lovely meals. At Easter we had a treasure hunt in the field with Delilah..and taught her how to ride her bike.

I’ve been spring cleaning the yard! The feed room has had a make over, I just need to power wash the feed buckets, which is on today’s list. Sorting out all those rugs – ugh.  The staff room we had just done before the lock down, so Amy and Emily can now chat and clean tack in a sparkling staff room.

Outside we have spring cleaned our signs and lorry…the field has been fed, so the horse’s extra time in the field is not taking its toll.

I have been showing the girls the art of plaiting and polishing ponies…Molly is already better than me! What I have really enjoyed is I have been able to bath and polish my horses. Iggy is such a joy, he is very cuddly and grateful of your time.  AND I have managed to fetch AJ back from his turn away rest.  He looks wonderful, I can’t wait to really start work on him, again I am lucky with his temperament, he is so kind and soft.

Horse being bathed

The Pony club did a competition recently of ‘Guess Who’ from childhood photos of their coaches…here was mine it was great fun!

The exciting news is we have picked a stallion for Flora (Libby’s mum) so that is a lovely thing to look forward too.

I hope everyone can stay safe, and that we can all return soon to what we love to do…take care!

Young Hannah Esberger