Qualified BSHII

Full Season Completed

It’s been a busy time for us…lots of eventing, dressage and teaching! Luckily the school holidays are now over so I have a bit more time as all the kids I help train have been to their various championships and most the ponies are now enjoying a break! My horses on the whole have been going well, the odd blip here and there but i have to say it’s been very nice to have a full season for once!! Candy is now qualified for CCI** for next year and the younger boys will be ready to go up to novice and beyond next season. I have a bit more time to get the younger ones out now the season is quietening down, so I’m looking forward to playing with them over the winter!

I’m currently on my way to the British Dressage National Championships with Candy…I think we will look a little out of place with all the posh dressage ponies, but we will give it a good go!