Alicia Wilkinson

Getting Through January

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I was in Holland to see in the New Year at the Student Riding World Finals which was great fun, with awesome parties shared with amazing friends from across the World!

I find January is always a miserable time of year with horses, because everything is wet and if its not wet it is either raining, snowing, freezing or really windy! And when trying to back a now 4-year-old, it is not fun when the wind goes under his tail! Saying that Ziggy has been behaving beautifully. I am now on board walking and trotting in a circle around my mum, stopping every now and then.


Googie is feeling amazing and went to Wix Equestrian Centre to do two Novice dressage tests, she was 2nd in her first one and won the second test.

Pooh has been spoilt already and has got a beautiful new jumping saddle from Devoucoux, so we took her to do a Newcomers at Wix and she pinged round the first round for a clear and I took her very slowly in the jump off for another clear and we won! I was so pleased. It was a great day as there were a lot of friends who have all seen Pooh growing up, so they are very supportive!

And lastly Diva and Pogo are still out in the field. Pogo is now a yearling and still not weaned! I can’t wait for another two years before we back him. We got an exciting parcel today…Pogo’s passport! It is sooooo cute. It’s green and thankfully he is by Chilli Morning. Was rather worrying when we had to do a DNA test!

All the horses got weighed again by Dengie Performance Horse Nutritionist Claire Akers and they are all losing weight as they start to increase their fitness, apart from Pogo who is continuing to grow and now weighs almost half of his final weight!


Next week Pooh and I are off to some Bridging the Gap training in Oxfordshire. Watch out for the update in the my next blog.