Qualified BSHII

Good run at Richmond for Candy

We had another good run last weekend, this time at Richmond Horse Trials, our local event. The weather was for once on side and the going was actually rather firm, it is normally really soft there this time of year! Candy was in her first intermediate and was amazing! She pulled of the best intermediate score of the day in the dressage a 26.6! Then just as I approached an upright in the show jumping they announced the score and I got so excited and had the fence down!!! Next time I will have to make sure I wear ear muffs! Due to the ground and her going to Floors for the 1star I just went steady XC and she jumped clear with 11 time faults to finish 4th! I’m super happy with this little horse!

Skip was in his first 100 on the same day. He pulled off a calm test to be in the mix after the dressage, and jumped a brilliant clear show jumping, things were obviously going far too well and he decided that he would deck me on the way to the start box xc….he had a lovely time cantering around the lorry park! Eventually he was caught and after I saw the doctor I got back on him and we managed to get him back to the start box and set off! He was awesome around the XC but ran past the water after the down hill jump so sadly was given 20 penalties, but on the whole he is getting better and will be a fabulous horse once we get him to focus on the job!

Stan was at Richmond on the Sunday, in the 90 and again was in the top 3 after the dressage – he is just so consistent! He sadly just tapped a pole and it fell in the show jumping. He stormed round the XC in a fab rhythm and because I was having a lovely time and didn’t have to set him up he got a few naughty penalties for going too fast (it’s the first time in my life I have ever been too fast!!! so he finished just out of the top ten!

Yesterday Candy went to Chris Bartle for a run through the dressage for Floors, she was lovely so hopefully she will remember to go as well at the event! She goes Show jumping and XC on Friday and Stan is also there on Friday to do the Burghley Young Event Horse 5-year-old class!

Wish me luck!