Lenny wows at Keysoe

Lessons with Lenny

We have just got back from Carl’s, where we had two really great training sessions. Lenny has progressed with his changes and his way of going is better than I could have wished for… and Carl agreed!

We worked on his pirouettes, going in 10m circles and not too fast. On the left rein, we worked on keeping him straight and working him into the outside, going from quarters in to then doing a bit of shoulder fore to keep him more through and into the outside rein.

Lenny’s changes, in which he now no longer grunts at me (lol), worked well on left rein against the wall because he lacks straightness when changing to the right. Riding against the wall helps with this and, when going from left to right, helps to push his quarters left to enable him to come through with his changes and keep him straight.

In general, I need to ride him more slowly to keep him more closed and engaged. The aim is now to do Small Tour!

This morning, we are off with Potter to demote him to a gelding. I must say I am very anxious….