Lenny wows at Keysoe

Like Mother Like Daughter

What a lovely week we are having! Molly and Joey competed in two prelims on Saturday and won the Juniors with a lovely accurate test with 68% and came second overall! She then came 2nd in the next test in the Juniors and overall with 68% again and threw the gauntlet down to me to beat in my next outing!! I must say I was a very proud mum with her performance and Joey is doing amazing for his age – his Dengie diet is keeping him young!

I went to Vale View yesterday with Lenny and we won both of his Advanced Medium classes with scores just pipping my daughters..phew! Lenny is going well and he qualified for the regionals with this outing. On the second test he kicked himself and went lame for a few strides and I was preoccupied with whether he was ok, so we lost marks for a few movements, but all was well and he continued with a lovely way of going!