Qualified BSHII

Made of Glass

I have spent the last week sulking as I have managed to break myself yet again!

I was riding one of the young horses in the field when he decided he had done enough work and thought it would be far more entertaining to rodeo with me! Sadly as he was doing this I managed to hit my hand off his neck and break my hand in two places! To add insult to it as I was thinking about my hand I stopped thinking about him and he dropped his shoulder and deposited me on the floor!!! Anyway to cut a long story short I’m in a pot and won’t be able to ride for 6 weeks!!!!

However it’s not all bad news as I had picked up my new puppy Spud a few days before the accident, so he is keeping me busy! (Along with plenty of teaching!)

Skipper is at Bramham Horse Trials this Friday with Eamon who I bought him off, contesting the BYEH class so I will let you know how they get on! The rest of the horses are just in light work so they won’t loose too much fitness while I’m off!