Lenny wows at Keysoe

New Faces

We have two new faces on the yard. The first is Queenie. She is an adorable four-year-old Wynton mare, bred by Laurie and Kerrie Ibbotson. She is such a super horse with fantastic work ethic and temperament and superb movement. We are doing a prelim HC for a little experience before we take her to a young horse class.


I took Queenie for a lesson with Carl – she behaved fantastically and coped very well with the journey and the stop-over. We worked on straightness, particularly on the right rein, getting her to move more off my right leg into the left rein and not curl too much like a banana to the right. We also worked on making her trot slower to get a little more swing in it and more relaxation through the back. I also need to keep her head up a little in the canter too, so the contact stops her bucking!

Big Lenny came too. He worked beautifully and I’m feeling really excited about our first PSG at Addington in two weeks time. The main focus of the lesson was pirouettes. We worked on slowing the canter, making it smaller in preparation for pirouettes. I need to be thinking about collection before the pirouette, but riding forward while in the pirouette to keep Lenny thinking forward. In the left pirouette, Lenny tends to fall onto his left shoulder, so I had to think about moving him right before my pirouette left. We really worked on corners, getting Lenny loose in the neck and soft down the inside rein and then used the wall to make his changes straight. His changes are great once he’s straight, but on the diagonal he tends to fall on his left shoulder and curl right effecting left to right change. By putting him on the wall on the left rein, it really improved the changes.

Molly also has a new pony too! He’s called Elvis (Synod Mr Vegas) and Molly was completely overwhelmed with him. Thank you to CJ Tupling for finding him and to Ellie Jones for letting him join our family. Hopefully there will be fun times ahead – he is gorgeous and Molly already loves him