Lenny wows at Keysoe

Perfect Potter

We had a great day yesterday – Potter won the Elementary and Elementary music with over 70%! This means he has qualified for the Winter Regionals. He worked in very well, but we had to wing the music class as we are not happy with the canter music. The walk and trot felt good though and we now have time to alter the canter section before our next outing.

We still need to improve the contact, but we are considering having Potter ‘cut’, which may help. It’s not that he is at all difficult as a stallion, in fact he is lovely, but he is intended to be a child’s pony at the end of the day and a stallion is probably not what most parents are looking for.

Tantalize is getting much stronger. We are just working on the perfecting the basics and getting her moving forward. We have decided to give Larry some time out – his backside has shot up again and, because he is so young, it is best to give him time to level up. With Lenny we are working on changes – his left ones are good but the right ones need work!