Qualified BSHII

Sparkle’s First Run

Sparkle had a fab first run of the season at Oasby in the ON. He was lovely warming up in the dressage and then it all got far too exciting the moment we entered the arena and we added a few squeals and leaps!! Despite the extra moves he scored a respectable 34 and then went on to jump a lovely double clear. Had we moved on more Xc he would have been in the top ten but it was always my intention to go slowly Xc to give him a nice first run of the year.

Since Oasby it’s been very busy – I have been doing loads of teaching, including some very busy clinics at Foxberry Chasers. Bob and Nan have been out at Northallerton doing british dressage. Nan did two novice tests and behaved very well. It was her first outing since being on Gastrogard for her ulcers and she seems so much better – she has always had a high fibre diet and no concentrates but gets stressed easily and that apparently is what caused the ulcers. She now gets some Alfa just prior to being ridden to help stop the acid build up in her stomach and touch wood it seems to really help. Bob did 2 advanced tests – my counting was a little rusty in the tempi changes but other than that he was really obedient and calm! Both horses came back with rosettes and will be out again soon.

Molly and Sparkle both went to a combined training day last Thursday – it was a good day out. You get to pick the test you want to do and you get judged and then Northallerton EC staff put the jumps to whatever height and you jump a course – a very worthwhile day. Molly did the BE95 test and was much more focused even though it was only her second time in an arena, she then went onto jump beautifully around a small course of jumps. We just need to improve the balance of the canter as she is still green and wobbly between fences! Sparkle did the intermediate test he will be doing this weekend at Burgham horse trials, and was so well behaved we were all in shock!! He scored 74% the equivalent of 26 in eventing scores – lets hope he is that good on saturday!! He then jumped fab around a course of 1.20. I would be over the moon if he recreates that performance!!

Sunday I had a trip to Somerford Park to Xc school Sparkle around the bigger Xc jumps before this weekend – he loved every minute of it! The day was made even better by hearing Sara Metcalfe (who I teach and who also owns Foxberry Chasers) won the riding club dressage qualifier and is off to the championships in May!!

Today Molly went to Foxberry for a play around the Xc – the ground was perfect and she didn’t put a foot wrong. There was luckily no bucking from her – In fact she found the whole business rather boring and just stood around when I was talking to Sara and then focused when she had to jump! I wish all young horses were that easy!!!

Tomorrow I’m off for a serious dressage session with Paul Hayler with Sparkle, and Bob is having some tempi change practise on Wednesday with a lesson off Gwyneth Lewis. Thursday we are back at Northallerton for more combined training and then eventing on Saturday… Also need to fit in teaching too at some point!!