Lenny wows at Keysoe

Potter Works His Magic

Potter Wins Two Mediums!

We had a long day yesterday, I was up early to make sure all of the other horses were exercised before taking Potter to Manor Grange to compete in the Mediums, only to find out when we got there that we had read the times wrong and had arrived 3 hours early!!

We let Potter have a walk round and stretch his legs, he was very relaxed so we popped him back on the lorry. When I brought him off he felt a little more unsettled and although pleased with him I never really got his attention in the first test, or had him soft enough in his back. I put this down to him still being a little nervous in the warm up with other horses. Despite this he still managed to win the class with 67%


The 2nd test felt fantastic, Potter came off the lorry more relaxed and the warm up arena wasn’t as busy, so I felt I could stretch him and get his back more up and feel a better connection to the bit. Potter pulled out a fab test, winning with 69%

Lenny Changes

Lenny is understanding them now and the right to left change is coming easy and clean, but the other is often late, goes crooked and curls right through the change. I started to feel this lack of straightness was the biggest problem causing him to be late behind, so I started riding short diagonal, coming from the left rein riding shoulder in right – really thinking of keeping left contact and a softer right rein, so it was easier for him to come through. Over the last week they have started to come clean and less resistant and straight…I’m really pleased with how he is coming along.