Lenny wows at Keysoe

Training with the Master and Somerford Premier

As always I had fabulous couple of days training from ‘the master’ Carl Hester. This was the first trip for training with the two babies, Levanu (Larry) and Invision (Isa). Carl loved them both; it’s always good to have confirmation of ones belief. At 4-years-old we just worked on the general way of going; straightness and contact. Both horses have very exciting futures ahead of them!

Unfortunately Isa decided that her wolf tooth is now an issue so we had to have it extracted, meaning she missed out on going to Somerford Premier.

Somerford Premier Show

The show was very organised and we got super stables. On arrival I worked Lenny in just to show him the show. The next day he tried hard and I was pleased with his way of going; soft and supple, but we had errors! We got 65.9% which was good considering we did not have a clear round.


I then got my lovely Iggy out and found him to be unsound. I don’t know if he knocked himself in the ‘new’ stable, but we shall see when the vet comes to see him.

On the second day Lenny was competing in the Prix St George, he went lovely, no major mistakes just a couple of ‘unpolished’ blips and was thrilled with the score of 68.05%. We finished 13th in a very strong class. Having only competed in this level a handful of times, I’m so excited about what more there is to come! We qualified for the regionals so we are aiming Int 1 at Sheepgate and hopefully the babies will be able to go too.