Alicia Wilkinson

Blog Alicia Wilkinson: University Completed

So I have now finished Uni!!! Yay, I got a 2:1 so I’m pretty happy!

I am currently sitting on the sofa for the third day now because I had my tonsils removed. It is so sore but I am able to eat a little which is good. The doctor said that I am unable to ride for two weeks!!! I know nuts. But it is a good way to reflect on how they are doing.

Pooh is looking incredible since Dengie Performance Horse Nutritionist Claire Akers reviewed her diet. She has also been going amazingly, the dressage didn’t quite go to plan at Burnham Market, followed by two poles, but we finished with an incredible clear cross country which was very educational as I went very slowly as we weren’t in contention. At Hambledon Intermediate we finished 7th in a very hot section. Our latest run was a double clear at Little Downham ADVANCED! Our lovely homebred has surpassed all expectations.

Ziggy has been schooling beautifully and has really got the idea of roundness in trot, but canter is still a little interesting. I had our first jump on him which I was so excited about because I thought he would jump the top of the wings but how wrong was I! I hope he gets stronger and springier!!!

Googie is now out at night, hallelujah. She is using her tail a little more but it is still unclear whether she will be normal again, so we are still praying.

Pogo had his first birthday and also said goodbye to his manhood which is a shame, but we just couldn’t keep him as a stallion with our very mareish mares.

Diva has gone to a great friend in our Pony Club and is in foal again which is very exciting as she really is a wonderful mare!