Alex Bragg heads to Badminton with King of the Mill

Five-star event rider Alex Bragg discusses how he prepares his horses for a big event and what he’ll be doing in the final run up to Badminton Horse Trials 2022.

“We start preparing for big events like Badminton 10 weeks before, as the horses need a certain amount of fitness and galloping sessions, usually doing some fast work every 4-5 days” explains Alex.

“We try and keep the condition on the horses with a simple diet of grass, steamed hay and a fibre-based feed as much as possible” says Alex. “Our horses are turned out overnight, so we would continue to do so in the run up to an event unless the horse lacks energy”.

Alex Bragg competing at Hartpury

“King of the Mill is a big horse who can struggle with his weight” explains Dengie Performance Horse Nutritionist Claire Akers. “He is fed Dengie Alfa-A Oil as his baseline feed which is ideal for fuelling work and providing quality protein for topline and muscle condition, without excitability”.

“The combination of the alfalfa and high oil content in the Alfa-A Oil provides great condition as well as plenty of slow-release energy” adds Alex. “At a three-day event, the horse needs plenty of reserves left in the tank for the show jumping to perform on the Sunday, you don’t want them feeling flat!”

“We also feed Alfa-A Oil 25-30 minutes before exercise to help line the stomach acid to prevent it splashing around and causing ulcers, which is common in competition horses” says Alex. Consistency is key in the run up to an event, we don’t change the feed but we would increase electrolytes.

It’s great to be back at Badminton; it’s the biggest horse trials in the world, the buzz and excitement in the yard at home is electric. We can’t wait!”

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