Give Your Horse a Summer Glow!

Is your horse looking good for summer?

It is widely understood that skin and coat condition reflect the general health and wellbeing of animals – and horses are no exception. Although grooming can make a difference to coat condition and there are many “lotions and potions” that can be applied topically to the coat and hooves, nutrition has an important role to play in providing the foundations for looking good.

The horse’s body initially uses nutrients for general body functions before using them to produce good coat condition because, essentially, this is a luxury item in terms of survival. If we want our horses to look their best, it therefore stands to reason that a balanced diet is vital.

Why would my horse’s diet not be balanced?

Although in most cases a horse’s need for major nutrients such as protein will be met, vitamins and minerals are often the forgotten part of the ration. There are many situations where the addition of a broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement, would be required to provide a balanced ration. Some of these situations are:

Horses fed a forage only diet

Give Your Horse a Summer Glow!

Many owners believe that if their horse is out at grass and maintains weight easily, no supplementary feed is necessary. Although grass is likely to supply plenty of energy and protein, it is unlikely to provide sufficient trace minerals. Copper and selenium are just two nutrients that tend to be low in many pastures. During storage, conserved forage loses its nutritional value and levels of Vitamin E in forages have been shown to drop by more than 50% in just a few months.

If you are feeding one of the Dengie Alfa-A or Hi-Fi products as the bucket feed for your horse, it is equally as important to add a vitamin and mineral supplement. Although alfalfa is rich in natural vitamins and minerals, a supplement is still required to ensure the diet is fully balanced.

Feeding less than recommended amounts of a mix or cube

There might be some circumstances when a horse does not need the recommended quantity of a mix or cube. In these situations, the horse will miss out on essential nutrients and it is advisable to top up with an additional vitamin and mineral supplement.

How do I know which feeds and supplements to use?

Dengie offers flexible feeding options to provide your horse with the foundations for looking good in three easy steps:

Step One: Choose a Dengie Alfa-A or Hi-Fi product best suited to your horse’s workload and body weight.

Step Two: Choose a broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement to provide a balanced ration.

If you would like more advice on how to help your horse get that summer glow, call the Dengie feedline on 01621 841188 or click here to send us an email – we will be happy to help!