Carbon-neutral fully recyclable packaging

Recycling Web LogoWe are proud to announce that we have introduced carbon-neutral packaging for the first time. Following extensive trials and development work over the last few years, the sustainable raw material used to make the packaging is derived from sugar cane and has been certified as carbon neutral by the Carbon Trust; the new packaging is still fully recyclable (LDPE 4). The first product to feature the new packaging material will be Dengie Hi-Fi Original.

“We are delighted to have been able to take this step” commented Katie Williams, Dengie Technical & Product Development Manager. “Our ethos is to produce sustainable feeds. The alfalfa and grass we grow tick that box and so recent efforts have focused on the packaging. We can’t move away from plastic packaging completely due to the nature of the ingredients we use and so it has been important to identify packaging that is as environmentally friendly as possible. This is a huge step in the right direction.”

The packaging will also break down quicker than traditional plastic packaging. “We have to be careful not to make our packaging too bio-degradable as we have a long shelf life on products and so the packaging has to be robust for many months!” added Katie. “It’s no good making packaging more bio-degradable if it results in more feed waste as that is the least environmentally friendly thing we can do!”

Look out for Carbon Neutral logos on the back of the new Dengie Hi-Fi Original pack from June 2019! Before recycling we advise you check with your local council if they accept LDPE 4 packaging.

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