Dengie Healthy Hooves Molasses Free – Same Great Feed, Now with MSM

Dengie Healthy Hooves Molasses Free now includes MSM to further enhance the benefits of the feed for the health of horse’s hooves and joints. The addition of Methyl Sulphonyl Methane, commonly known as MSM, provides a source of bio-available sulphur. Sulphur is found in all body tissues but is particularly important for hooves because it is needed to bond keratin fibres together in the unique way that gives hoof horn its hardness and flexibility. Levels consumed naturally by horses on restricted rations are lower than those out on lush green pastures meaning good doers on restricted rations can be lacking. The addition of MSM is another way in which this low-calorie feed can support the health of good doers.

Healthy Hooves Molasses Free with MSMDengie Healthy Hooves Molasses Free is a nutritionally balanced, low-calorie, high-fibre feed containing just 2.5% sugar, which is found naturally in the ingredients used. Starch levels are also extremely low, at just 1.5%, because the feed is completely free from cereals or grains.

The inclusion of alfalfa provides a natural source of calcium and other important minerals known to help improve the structural integrity of hoof horn. A comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals are also included, complementing those naturally occurring in the alfalfa. A full spectrum of B vitamins is included to allow for the fact that good doers are often fed restricted forage rations and so may be producing fewer B vitamins naturally. This helps to provide a balanced diet for the horse keeping them looking and feeling fabulous, and their feet in great condition.

When fed at the recommended rate of 500g per 100kg bodyweight, Healthy Hooves Molasses Free will provide the horse with all the vitamins and minerals they need, including the recommended amount of biotin and good levels of MSM.

Look out for the new Healthy Hooves Molasses Free which will start appearing in stores from September 2022.

For more information about Dengie’s Healthy Hooves Molasses Free or for help and advice on all aspects of feeding call the Dengie Feedline: 01621 841188 or complete our Feed Advice Form.