Dengie Nutritionists review dressage horses diets

Anand Patel’s horses have been enjoying their Dengie diet of Alfa-A Oil and balancer since January, so now was the perfect time to revisit and review how they were getting on.

When we visited back in late December the horses were a little lighter than was ideal especially with Bandit and Annabelle, being large horses, looking less ‘finished’ and in need of some condition. This gave Performance Horse Nutritionist Claire Akers something to work on. “Alfa-A Oil is perfect for building condition and providing energy without the fizz. As you can see from the before and after photos the horses look amazing and they’re a picture of health.”

“Even the new boy Ferrari, aka Dream Catcher, has taken to the new diet. He came over from Holland so is predominantly a mix and cubes boy. At first we had to wean him gently on to his Alfa-A Oil, but now he’s tucking in and looking fabulous on it. He’s got plenty of go and his coat is gleaming”, said Anand. “I plan to bring him out at Prix St George and aim him at Int I when we’re feeling more comfortable with one another in the arena. He’s got all the moves, he’s one for the future, I’m really excited and privileged to be riding him.”