Dengie support Cool Earth charity

Dengie are delighted to announce that from 2020 they will be supporting Cool Earth – the charity that works with local people to halt deforestation and climate change.


Effective conservation is only possible when local people who are uniquely suited to manage, protect, and restore rainforest, are put first. This ethos resonates with everyone at Dengie as we grow rather than buy the majority of the ingredients we use in our feeds and our success is determined by how we nurture our alfalfa and care for the environment it is grown in. Our farmers know their soil better than anyone and can see the benefits alfalfa has for the crops that follow it too.

Back in 2014 we moved away from using soya products in our feeds as we could see the damage soya production was causing to the rainforest in Brazil. Since then we have been trying to source as many ingredients from the UK as possible. We are now very proud to say that our top 3 ingredients are sourced 100% from the UK.

Dengie’s support for Cool Earth came about following a suggestion by the Royal Warrant Holders Association. Cool Earth is a partner in the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy initiative to protect all forests – the Commonwealth is home to one fifth of the world’s total forest. Dengie will be sharing updates on this and all Cool Earth’s work in addition to our own endeavours to be more sustainable via their social media and website.