Diary of a working rider – post Hartpury

Well it’s been a busy couple of days since I last blogged.

Flores L had done his second test. It was much more settled than the previous experience. His heart was racing and he was a little tense, but he held it together to complete the Medium Gold Freestyle. No rosette for us this year, but he was much less of a racing car and much nearer the Rolls Royce today.

So as we prepare to leave, the sun has come out and the people are flocking to go watch Charlotte Dujardin compete in her classes. It was very exciting to ride in the arenas with her, watching her prepare her horses. I now need to up my game. I do wonder if she gets bored of winning some many thermatex rugs and sashes. If she does, donations are gratefully received.

The horses look really well having stabled away and not had their usual turnout time. Thanks can only go to Dengie for keeping them munching all week. Ivanhoe particularly loved the Dengie Meadow Grass with Herbs – his healthier alternative to a lifetime supply of polos.

I’ve just picked up my gold plated door plaques. Proof that we qualified. Each equating to about £200 a piece. I think I’ll sleep with them next to my bed they are that precious.

So Fabian and I are loading the lorry in preparation for the dreaded M5. Hope the gin is poured when we finally get home.