Starch Intake Calculator

At Dengie all of our feeds are naturally low in starch but we are often asked about starch levels in other feeds and how to work out the amount of starch a horse is consuming each day. We have devised a simple tool that allows you to input the details relating to your horse’s diet. This is particularly important for horses prone to gastric ulcers as the recommendation is for the diet to contain less than 2g of starch per kg bodyweight per day and 1g per kg bodyweight per meal. You will need to gather some information about the feeds you are using to put into the calculator but at least you haven’t got to do the maths!

%info You should be able to find this information on the back of the bag or label, if not please contact the feed supplier


Below is the amount of starch your horse should be receiving per meal and day according to their current bodyweight.

Permitted starch per meal = .

Permitted starch per day = .

Your horse’s current diet is providing per meal and per day.

You are currently feeding too much starch.
Please call our nutrition team on 01621 841188 or complete our Feed Advice form for advice on how to reduce the amount of starch in your horse’s diet.

Well done, you are feeding the correct amount of starch to your horse.
However, should you have any feeding questions please do not hesitate to call our nutrition team on 01621 841188 or complete our Feed Advice form.