Product Origins – Meadow Grass with Herbs & Oil

Just like humans, horses are also living longer and as yet, no one has invented false teeth for horses! Grass chops provide a softer, easier to chew and digest source of forage and so we developed a range of feeds based purely on grass fibre to meet the needs of those with dentition issues. And it’s not just older horses! Diastemas – the abnormal gaps that form between teeth – can affect horses of any age and are increasingly being diagnosed.
Dengie have grown grass alongside alfalfa for many years and it is a key ingredient in feeds like Hi-Fi Senior. The grass we use has the same low feed miles as the alfalfa and is precision dried in the same way – locking in the natural goodness and ensuring it is a much cleaner source of forage than sun-dried forages such as hay.
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Dengie Meadow Grass With Herbs & Oil

Dengie Meadow Grass

Grass Grown Specifically For Horses

Dengie Meadow Grass

Rapeseed Oil Grown In The UK

Dengie Meadow Grass

Tasty, Unique Blend Of Herbs

Dengie Meadow Grass

Recycled & Recyclable Packaging

Recycled and recyclable packaging

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Product Origins - Meadow Grass