• No Added Sugar

    The amount of sugar in food can contribute to poor health. So what should you do to reduce the sugar in your horse’s diet?

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  • Healthy Tummy

    A fully balanced, high-calorie fibre feed that fuels work and promotes condition. Containing the latest ingredients known to promote gut health including alfalfa and Protexin In-Feed Formula it is the ideal fibre feed to support a healthy digestive system. 

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Hay Replacers for Veterans

When horses are stabled hay and haylage are often their main fibre source. The long length of these forages can sometimes cause a veteran horse problems as their teeth become less efficient.


Top Tips For Competing On a Fibre Diet

Most horse owners are aware that fibre feed provides ample energy for the leisure horse, but are a little uncertain when it comes to competing on a fibre diet. Below the Dengie nutrition team have put together their top tips for competing on a fibre diet.


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It's been a busy time for us...lots of eventing, dressage and teaching! My horses on the whole have been going well, the odd blip here and there but i have to say it's been very nice to have a full season for once!!