A diverse range of fantastic fibre feeds

Tania Grantham from Inspire Dressage is a long-term Dengie fan and has been feeding our fibre feeds to a diverse range of horses for years; she wouldn’t feed anything else.

“Sam, my 16-year-old, 16.2hh Warmblood who is competing at Grand Prix has been quite challenging to feed; sadly he’s had a history of laminitis, ulcers and is a notoriously fussy eater! I needed something that was low in sugar and starch, high in fibre and provided chew time that he would actually eat plus provide him with the energy to perform. Sam chose Alfa-A Molasses Free! It’s the mainstay of his bucket feed plus I give him a double-handful before any work. It’s kept him healthy and happy, fuelling his training and performance at this demanding level.”

Tania Grantham and Sam


“At the other end of the scale, I have Norman my 16hh, 4-year-old Spanish stallion. He’s not fussy at all but needed a high fibre, low sugar and starch feed that supplies protein to support his growth and development, but seeing as I was just starting his ridden education I didn’t want any excess fizziness. Alfa-A Oil has provided the perfect balance of supplying energy without silliness and he’s thriving on it; it’s really exciting seeing him develop topline and condition.”

Tania Grantham and Norman