Easy to Chew Soaked Mash

Miranda Gray has had her 41 year old Thoroughbred x  ‘Billy’ for 34 years.  He now has very few teeth left and those that he does have are very worn, meaning he struggles to chew most things including grass.

For a while Billy was able to eat chopped fibres but now, he is onto a completely soaked ration as he only has about two working teeth. The majority of Billy’s diet is made up from soaked Dengie Alfa-Beet and Pure Grass Pellets. This ensures he is getting plenty of fibre to keep his digestive system healthy, but in a very easy to chew mash.

Miranda says, “I am very happy with the Dengie products, they are always good quality and Billy is thriving on them. Thank you Dengie!”

If you would like feeding advice on forage replacer’s for your horse or would like suggestions on feeds that are suitable for horse’s with poor dentition, get in contact with the Dengie Feedline today!

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