Alfa-Beet Fibre Feed


A high-fibre feed combining alfalfa and unmolassed sugar beet, two sources of highly digestible fibre. Ideal for promoting weight gain and aiding hydration. Must be soaked before feeding to horses.


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Key Features

Alfa-Beet is a high-fibre feed combining alfalfa and unmolassed sugar beet, two sources of highly digestible fibre. Ideal for promoting weight gain and aiding hydration. Must be soaked before feeding to horses.

  • The combination of alfalfa and unmolassed sugar beet pulp provides ‘slow-release’ energy in the form of highly digestible fibre
  • Alfa-Beet promotes weight gain and condition without excitability
  • Provides 10.5MJ/kg of Digestible Energy – comparable to a cool mix or cube, but with much lower levels of starch
  • Alfa-Beet aids hydration and is ideal for horses and ponies with dental issues, such as diastemas
  • Naturally low in starch (2%), with no added sugar (5%)
  • Sugar beet pulp is the fibrous part of the beet that is left once the sugar has been extracted which means it is a low sugar ingredient
  • Convenient 15-minute hot soak or 2-hour cold soak
  • Free from molasses and preservatives 100% natural

Ingredients & Nutritional Information

Typical analysis (%) ‘as fed’

Digestible Energy 10.5MJ/kg
Protein 14
Oil 3
Ash (mineral) 10
Fibre 32
Naturally Occurring Sugar 5
Starch 2
Alfa-Beet Product


Alfalfa, unmolassed sugar beet.

Alfa-Beet comes in a 20kg bag

Feeding Guidelines

How to soak Alfa-Beet!

Alfa-Beet is easy to use as it soaks to a mash much more quickly than conventional sugar beet pellets – when soaking in hot water it is ready in 15 mins, alternatively in cold water it takes 2 hours or can be left through the day or night to soak – whichever is more convenient! For soaking, we recommend one part product to three parts water.

One large Stubbs scoop of dry Alfa Beet pellets = 1.6Kg

One large Stubbs scoop of soaked Alfa-Beet holds 0.5kg of dry matter if soaked at a 1 part Alfa-Beet to 3 parts water ratio.

Different ways of feeding Alfa-Beet

To dampen the feed:

Add a small quantity ie. ½ or 1 mug of soaked Alfa-Beet to feed to dampen. This can be particularly useful when mixing powdered supplements into a feed.

To add digestible fibre for weight gain and condition:

Alfa-Beet is a great way to add highly digestible fibre to the ration to help promote weight gain and condition. For example, a soaked scoop could be added to each feed to provide additional calories in the ration. If soaking 1 part Alfa-Beet to 3 parts water ratio, up to 1 soaked scoop per 100kg bodyweight can be fed per day, ie. Up to 5 soaked scoops can be fed to a 500kg horse per day.

If using as a partial hay replacer:

Alfa-Beet is a great option as a partial hay replacer, particularly for horses with poor dentition as it is soft and easy to chew. It can be fed up to 1kg per 100kg bodyweight per day (dry weight measured before soaking). For example, a 500kg horse could have up to 5kg per day.

If a total hay replacer is needed, Alfa-Beet can be mixed with Hi-Fi Senior which is a soft, short chopped fibre or Pure Grass Pellets if a totally soaked ration is needed. We would suggest splitting the hay replacer ration over as many separate meals as possible throughout the day so that the period of time the horse is left with nothing to eat is as short as possible.

Case Studies

Proof that fibre diets can fuel performance!

Danielle Balsdon and her beautiful horse Lennox are testimony to how horses can perform on a fibre based ration
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31-year-old pony with numerous health conditions that affect her diet and management

Kizzy is a 31-year-old ex-riding school pony who has numerous health conditions that affect her diet and management.
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Ex-racehorse struggling to maintain condition

Leah Grange was concerned about giving her ex-racehorse Colin too much sugar in his diet and it “blowing his brains”. After a chat with the Dengie nutrition team she realised that his current ration was completely wrong for him in other ways too.
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Easy to Chew Soaked Mash

Miranda Gray has had her 41 year old Thoroughbred x  ‘Billy’ for 34 years.  He now has very few teeth left and those that he does have are very worn, meaning he struggles to chew most things including grass.
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Maintaining Winter Condition

19-year-old Welsh cob, Carys has always struggled to maintain weight in the winter months and can often go off her feed, her owner Helen Johns was in despair with what to feed her until she was recommended Dengie Alfa-Beet.
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Customer Reviews


  1. Joanne

    My elderly thoroughbred was beginning to get fussy with his usual ration, and was finding it difficult to chew chaff based fibres. Having started him on Alfa-beet, he now gobbles his meals down. The moisture also softens his conditioning cube and I have a much happier horse. He loves this feed – a great replacement for chaff with all the extra benefits!

  2. Linda Purr

    My old 31 year old pony with poor dentition loves this so much as a partial forage replacer & it has given him back lost condition,

  3. Danielle Herd

    Love this product. I use this alongside the dengie senior when my old lass requires more calories which allows me to safely increase and decrease feed.

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