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Dengie Diets for Lillisford Equestrian

Michael ‘Mikey’ Tuff and Harriet Web run Lillisford Equestrian and specialise in show jumping. Mikey has competed up to 1.50m Grand Prix and has jumped nationally and internationally. Harriet has competed up to 1.30m and has groomed and ridden for a couple of top international riders.

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“Now that we have our own set-up in Devon, we’re looking to produce and compete our young horses. The aim for this year is national and international young horse classes at Hickstead and Addington with the long-term plan to get them to grand prix,” said Mikey.

“Diet is important for youngsters and competition horses,” said Harriet. “Switching from a cheap chaff to using Dengie provides controllable energy without any unnecessary sharpness. This is really important, especially with the youngsters. We need the energy but want early training and competitions to be a positive experience without any silliness; Dengie’s Alfa-A Molasses Free and Alfa-Beet is definitely doing this. They’re all looking fab, have lots of energy and stamina for the job with super shiny coats – their overall condition is spot-on!”

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