Healthy Hooves Fibre Feed

Healthy Hooves

A nutritionally-balanced, low-calorie, high-fibre feed for leisure horses and ponies with added biotin.


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Key Features

Healthy Hooves is a nutritionally-balanced, low-calorie, high-fibre feed for leisure horses and ponies with added biotin.

  • A blend of soft cereal straw, chopped and pelleted nutrient-rich alfalfa
  • Low in calories, providing 8.5MJ/kg of Digestible Energy
  • Healthy Hooves is packed with B vitamins, including biotin at levels that research has shown to improve hoof quality
  • Contains a light molasses coating and garlic to tempt fussy horses
  • Low in sugar and starch, ideal for horses in light work, good do-ers and laminitis prone horses
  • When fed at the recommend rate (500g per 100kg bodyweight) Healthy Hooves will provide your horse with a balanced diet
  • Increased levels of key trace minerals that are most likely to be deficient in forage
  • Introducing chelated or organic forms of key trace minerals selenium, copper and zinc
  • Organic minerals are more bio-available to the horse

Proven nutrients for healthy hooves

Several studies have been conducted into how much biotin a horse requires. A study published in the Equine Vet Journal (1992), found that greater growth rates and hardness of hooves was achieved at a daily feeding rate of 15mg of biotin than at 7.5mg in horses’ diets. The level of biotin included in Dengie Healthy Hooves has been formulated accordingly and thus when fed at the recommended rates will provide a 500kg horse with 15mg of biotin per day.

Research published in the Vet Record (1987) demonstrated that alfalfa increases the quality and quantity of horn growth which was attributed to the highly available calcium and essential amino acids found naturally in alfalfa.

Ingredients & Nutritional Information

Typical analysis (%) ‘as fed’

Digestible Energy 8.5MJ/kg
Protein 9
Oil 4.5
Ash (Mineral) 9.5
Fibre 27
Copper 20mg/kg
Selenium 0.3mg/kg
Zinc 75mg/kg
Biotin 6mg/kg
Sugar 5
Starch 1.5
Healthy Hooves Product


Straw pellets, alfalfa pellets, cereal straw, alfalfa, molasses, rapeseed oil, vitamin and mineral premix, garlic, mould inhibitor.

The visual appearance of the actual product may vary due to environmental conditions during growth and time of harvest.

Healthy Hooves comes in a 20kg bale.

Feeding Guidelines

How much to feed?


Small Pony (eg: Welsh Pony, Exmoor)

Size Guide (hh)


Approx Weight (kg)


Bucket Feed per Day

1kg or 2 scoops

Large Pony (eg: Fell)

Size Guide (hh)


Approx Weight (kg)


Bucket Feed per Day

1.5kg or 3 scoops

Small Horse (eg: Arab)

Size Guide (hh)


Approx Weight (kg)


Bucket Feed per Day

2kg or 4 scoops

Medium Horse (eg: Thoroughbred)

Size Guide (hh)


Approx Weight (kg)


Bucket Feed per Day

2.5kg or 5 scoops

Large Horse (eg: Warmblood)

Size Guide (hh)

Over 16.2

Approx Weight (kg)


Bucket Feed per Day

3kg or 6 scoops

Feed 500g of Healthy Hooves per 100kg of your horse's bodyweight. Fibre weighs very little compared to mixes or cubes. It is important to weigh your scoop to ensure that you are feeding the correct amount. A large Stubbs scoop holds approximately 500grams.

How To Get The Most Out Of Feeding Healthy Hooves

Healthy Hooves is designed to be fed as the sole bucket feed alongside your horse’s normal hay/haylage ration. It is important that it is fed at the recommended quantities in order to provide the levels of nutrients your horse or pony requires; feeding less may affect condition and performance. If using less than recommended quantities, a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement should be used alongside. Healthy Hooves is intended for horses and ponies at rest or in light work if fed as the sole bucket feed. For horses and ponies in moderate to hard work or requiring weight gain, Dengie Alfa-Beet can be fed alongside Healthy Hooves.

Case Studies


“Bracken is a 13hh Exmoor X who is in his late 20’s and retired (he does go on the odd hack occasionally though!). Not only is he getting on, but he has previously suffered from laminitis and was diagnosed with Cushings Disease two years ago.
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Customer Reviews


  1. Lily S

    After my vet insisted I feed Healthy Hooves, Bobbin’s laminitis has improved so much and soon we can take him out of his stable to be a horse again! We can’t wait and the Dengie feed was great as always!

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