Lenny wows at Keysoe

A Difficult Decision

Sorry to have been quiet recently, but I have had to get my head and heart around the decision to have Coco put to sleep. The previous ligament damage had made him carry his neck in such a way that it caused further injury and pain that no amount of treatment could get past. Together with my vets, we have tried so hard to help him but ultimately this was what was best.

Larry is lovely and helping to create a diversion for us all. However, he’s had a growth spurt and his bum is now quite a few inches higher than his front. This creates an imbalance and shortens the steps on a young horse when being ridden, so we will have to go slowly and keep his confidence.

Tantalize is fabulous – her canter is a ten, her walk not much less and her trot will be wonderful when I have worked her correctly to improve her strength, meaning she will be able to lift that big front end of hers.  She now is a princess in temperament too! I will be taking her to Carl’s next week along with Lenny. She will not have a lesson but I will work her there and it will be good for her to experience different places away from home. Carl will be helping Lenny and I prepare for the Nationals, which is looking to be a very, very hot class. After the Nationals, we will be chasing qualification for the music classes.

My new house arrived on Wednesday and by Friday it was actually starting to look like a house – very exciting!

I have also entered the North West Tough Mudder event which takes place this coming Saturday (12th September 2015). I must be slighlty mental to enter this, but its all for a good cause – Sheffield Childrens Hospital.

Wish me luck!