Lenny wows at Keysoe

Highs and lows

What a few days..Lenny threw himself round the field and slightly injured himself, which put him out of the Premier Int 1 and Iggy has decided that in his 4th year when you want to do the young horse classes he will grow his back end up so much that he is just not ready to show! It’s not a problem as he is for the future. Isa bless her did us all proud today in the scorching heat and came 2nd with a level 8.28 score meaning we are off to the semi finals at the regionals.

In other news, the new addition to the family has settled in well. Popcorn, a 10-year-old palomino is Molly’s next model up. He is such a poppet! He can jump 80cm, XC and will drive and comes with a trap! How fab is that, so we are all up for lessons on ‘how to’ harness up and drive. Probably his least experience is his dressage but that is fine for us. Molly will still compete Joey and is selected for the BYRD’s Inter Regionals Northern Team, but will gradually move over to Popcorn, leaving Joey to the delight of Delilah. Molly and Popcorn’s first showjumping outing is this week. We hope there are many happy and fun times ahead for these two.