Lenny wows at Keysoe

AJ is a Knock-out at Carl Hester’s

I had a great training session at Carl Hester’s this week! He loved my new boy AJ (Knock out…hence boxer AJ). Carl even said he would have bought him..yippee! He also loved what I had done with Larry.
I must say Larry has such a great attitude, although at present he tries his luck when you handle him on the ground and when standing on the lorry, however as soon as you get on his back, he says ‘what do you want to do’ – it’s just lovely. He offers this big trot and I have to keep saying not yet, lets get stronger in our balance first.
AJ was an angel, he looked at nothing and there is plenty at Carl’s to spook at; peacocks, dogs, doves (although we are dove numb with Dad’s flock at home). It’s all so exciting for the next season.