Course walking top tips from Alicia Wilkinson

The competition season is well underway and many of you will be out competing. We have been speaking to our ambassadors and asked them to share their top tips for course walking. First up is Alicia Wilkinson, who’s current top horse, Perfect Timing II (Pooh) is a home bred mare who she has backed and brought up through the levels herself, reaching CIC*** in 2017.

Showjumping course walking top tips

  • Firstly you need to choose the best rein to approach fence one on. This could be the rein that your horse is most balanced on but I tend to choose the approach that is the smoothest for my horses.
  • Then you must walk the exact line that you will ride so you get a flow for the course. Walking round each corner imagining you are riding it.
  • Walking strides is vital in distances because you know how you need to ride. Whether you need to ride forward or sit up and hold in a related distance.

Cross country course walking top tips

  • To start with make sure you know the colour of the numbers you are following. You can also follow the map and course plan in programmes.
  • Walk the tightest lines between each fence to cut down on time faults.
  • Take your time walking combinations so you know your exact strides.
  • Make sure you know all your options when walking. (Long routes)