Qualified BSHII

Eventing Season Rapidly Approaching

So with the eventing season rapidly approaching the horses have been out and about competing and training. Chris Bartle has been putting them through their paces on the flat and Susie Gibson has been helping with the jumping! It’s always exciting this time of year when the horses are feeling well and the nights are getting lighter….spring is definitely just around the corner! Stan has qualified for the British Dressage combined training championships in May and Skip has been out and about winning at pure dressage!

Callie has an outing this Sunday and the new young horse Snip is well underway being ridden and now jumping! Hopefully he will do some BYEH classes later in the year.
Edna who is a new ride for the season is coming on well and should be ready for the BYEH classes and some BE later in the year.

I have also just bought a horse to replace Sparkle (who has downgraded and gone on loan to a junior). Not much of a shock it’s another bay but this time it’s a bay mare! I’m very excited about her, she’s 8-years-old and has done a couple of intermediates with her previous rider so I hope to be out having some fun this year!!

I hope everyone is excited for the coming season! I know my horses have wintered very well on their yummy Dengie feed.