Lenny wows at Keysoe

Everything’s Lined Up Like Dominos

Well, the dominoes for this week have been set up – fingers crossed that one doesn’t fall down and cause everything to fall into chaos!

Aside from training the horses, the weekend was largely taken up with getting the lorry ready for all the travelling we’ll be doing this week. First on the agenda was PONY CLUB CAMP! You may think this is a small thing but, as all mums preparing to leave their children at their ‘first proper camp’ will tell you, it is actually quite a task. Joey’s and Molly’s wardrobe needed sorting, tack boxes had to be cleaned and checked, the tack itself had to be polished and all the feed had to be prepared. Another vital part was Molly’s artwork for the door – this took two attempts as her first one got jammed in the laminator after hours of work.

On Monday morning, Molly, Mum and I loaded up Joey and headed to Osberton . The Grove Pony Club, of which Molly is a member, are so lucky to have the use of this lovely estate.  After we were unloaded, I had to leave to get back to my day of riding and left Mum for the remainder of the time allowed for parental stay!  The children are picked up each night and returned the next morning, while the ponies camp over.

The lorry now has to be made ready for my trip to Carl’s yard on Tuesday. Magic Heidehof Aleandro (Potter) and I will be staying there overnight and having a lesson on Wednesday. Although both Leonidas III (Lenny) and Potter are competing at the Regionals at the end of the week, I want to make sure that Lenny isn’t too tired – he likes to stay in bed all day when he’s been travelling, so I don’t think he will cope with getting back from Carl’s on Wednesday afternoon and leaving for the Regionals the next day. Potter, however, is an ever-ready battery.

Somewhere in there, I have to pick Molly up from camp, ride the rest of the yard and get the lorry prepared to leave for the Regionals on Thursday, where we will be staying until Saturday. It’s going to be a busy week!