Excited for the season ahead

So with only a few weeks to go until we are allowed out of “lockdown” with the horses we can all start to get a little bit excited, especially as we no longer have snow and ice!

horse hacking along country road

As soon as March 29th hits I have sessions with Chris Bartle and Susie Gibson booked in to get the horses primed for a start to the season in the middle of April! Unfortunately my plan of going to Bramham with Candy hasn’t worked out due to them cancelling the event, so plan B is to aim for a 4 star in July/ August and finish the year off at Blenheim!

Popeye will aim for a 2 star mid-season and we will then decide if he’s ready to move up a level. Snip and Nomore will aim for a 2 star by the end of the year hopefully. Callie will make his British Eventing debut in May / June and Heidi will aim to do a few of the 4-year-old Nexgen and BYEH classes if they run this year.

I also have BD regionals to aim for with Candy and Snip  in June (which should have been in January). Despite the uncertainty over events running or not, we still have lots to look forward to and work towards! I can’t wait to get back out Eventing! I have to say the horses are all look amazing at the minute, especially Candy who is always hard to keep weight on – I think the lack of Eventing last year actually did her a favour in some ways! The Dengie diet of Alfa-A Oil or Healthy Tummy, with a performance balancer has been great over the winter!

I can’t wait to be able to blog again, with actual updates from real shows!

Horse's topline