Qualified BSHII

Feeling Fit & Ready

We have had a busy week here in the build up to the start of our eventing season, which kick starts next weekend at Breckenbough!

Last weekend I took the young horses for a play at an unaffiliated show jumping competition. Both Skip and Stan just did the clear round, it was mainly an exercise to get them out and used to jumping with other horses flying around them! I’m pleased to say both came back with rosettes! I took Sparkle along for the ride and to babysit on the lorry, luckily the portable XC jumps were still out in the big outdoor, so he had an unexpected play around them – he had the time of his life!

The next day we went back to Richmond to do some unaffiliated dressage. Stan and Skip did the intro test, while Sparkle concentrated on an elementary and medium test. The Stan and Skip both behaved impeccably – staying in the arena and not attempting to deposit me, which was a bonus considering the hairy ponies in the warm up were trotting at me! Sparkle on the other hand found the whole experience very exciting and added in some squealing sound effects into his test – someone is definitely ready for his first event! I also rode one of my Pony Club kid’s pony there. It was great fun to be back on a pony, unfortunately I had to hand it back at the end of the day! After a long day we came home with a handful of rosettes and some tired baby horses!


During the week I have managed to slot in loads of teaching with it being the Easter holidays, along with dressage lessons for mine and a fun trip to the gallops!

I was hoping to go down to Somerford Park to go XC schooling, however unfortunately it was closed due to too much rain on Friday! To make up for it we re-routed to a local XC schooling facility and I stuck Skip on the box to have a play along with Sparkle! Both horses had a great time and it was fab to be back out on grass again! Skip was especially pleased to see his bucket full of Dengie Healthy Tummy and Alfa-Beet when he got home!


I hope everyone had a fab time at the Dengie Champs this weekend!!