Qualified BSHII

Tanya competes at Floors Castle Horse Trials

We have had another busy fews weeks here. Candy was at Floors Castle in the CIC* – our first international together! We had a Thursday dressage and were late on in the day so arrived in plenty of time to walk the XC and prepare her for the dressage! She pulled off a good test, there are still little areas that can be improved, but overall I was pleased with her! We scored 46.6 and were lying 8th after the whole section had been!

The showjumping and XC were both on the Friday afternoon so I had time to walk the course again in the morning! The showjumping was up to height and the course builder had made use of all of the undulating ground! Candy was a little excited (especially as the XC was running straight past the showjumping arena!) I had to try and keep her settled so was a little slow and she had a really unlucky pole and a couple of time faults! She pinged around the XC making it all feel very easy to finish just outside the top ten!

Stan also went up to Floors to do the Burghley Young Event Horse 5-year-old class. Despite having to hop off Candy straight after her XC and straight on to Stan into the arena he coped pretty well! He was a little excited about jumping, but just about kept a lid on it to be in the top ten and get through to the gallop section where he behaved perfectly and finished 7th overall!

On Sunday Skip and Stan were both at Warwick Hall. Stan was in the 90 and was a total star! He did a 24.8 dressage and jumped a lovely double clear to finish on his dressage score and come 2nd. Skip was brilliant in the 100 to score a 23.5 in his dressage and jump a fab double clear and just pick up 0.8 of a time fault to finish 3rd in his section! Very clever baby horses!

I’m off to another Burghley Young Event Horse qualifier this Saturday and next Wednesday and then Bishop Burton intermediate with Candy on Sunday.