Qualified BSHII

Frustrating Times

Eventing can be very frustrating at times. Forget Plan B, I’m currently on Plan Z for this year! Sparkle is unfortunately still suffering from his respiratory infection and it looks like he will miss the rest of the season. I have to put his welfare first, even though it means I miss a lot of events! Molly is hopefully 95% better after her infection, so I can hopefully get started with some light schooling with her in the next few weeks. Despite being at a different yard, Molly too has had a respiratory infection and the vets think it has something to do with the weather and pollen, as they have seen a lot of horses suffering this year.

Skipper went for a play at Richmond over the show jumps at the weekend. I am very excited about him, I think he could be quite special! He is just having a year of schooling and seeing the world, then I will take him out as a 5 year old next year!

I’m still teaching, so despite the lack of competing I’m still busy!!

Hope you are all having a good summer and your horses are going well on their fibre diets!