Harry didn’t disappoint at Port Royal Equestrian

I took Harry out to Port Royal Equestrian to see how he coped with the whole competition scene and he didn’t disappoint!

He travelled really well, so beautifully quiet we nearly forgot that he was there! I have been training him for FEI pony tests, but Molly’s just not quite ready for him yet. So for this year I have loaned him to a lovely local girl who will have some fun and do the British Dressage Youth training and squads with him. Generally, he’s quiet and easy to do, but seeing as he’d only been out once before, I thought it would be best to get another outing under his belt before I handed the reins over.

The conditions at Port Royal were horrendous, the rain was pouring down, we were both shivering after our test, but the judges liked us; he got a red ribbon and 70% at Elementary.

I’m thrilled with him – exciting times ahead!