Lenny wows at Keysoe

Lenny Qualifies for Winter Regional Champs

We took Lenny to Port Royal this week and I’m delighted to say that he won both Medium classes with 73% and 71%. I needed to decide how to prepare for the upcoming Regionals – do a ‘warm-up’ test before the main class or spend longer working with Lenny in the warm-up arena before the championship test. He felt really good at Port Royal, but in his second test he felt less ‘up’ for the judges’ opinion so I feel that he doesn’t need to do two tests, unlike Potter who tends to go better in a second test. Horses are so different!

Thanks to these results, Lenny has now qualified for the Winter Regional Championships at Medium level. Once these are over, we’ll continue working on his changes and campaign some Medium Freestyle tests before having a go at Advanced Medium.

My next outing will be with Tantalize… how exciting!