Lenny wows at Keysoe

Field House with Lenny and Potter

The photo that accompany this update was taken this morning in glorious sunshine, which is a bonus as we were forecast horrid rain. It was very cold, but at least it meant we could go through our music rounds without losing the sound to wind!

We went to Field House on Thursday to try out Lenny’s new Advanced Medium music. This turned out to be a good decision as I needed to tweak the floor plan, which was good but quite complicated and taking on board any tension would lower the technical marks at competitions. The Medium music works well so I will leave that alone and I re-did the Advanced Medium floor plan today – we have done new music for this and I do love it – so we are ready to go.

Potter was a little tired, bless him. He has had eight week off after being ‘cut’, so he needs to build up his stamina. I will have to take care with his muscles as he is an ever-ready battery and will keep always going for me.

We were 2nd in the Elementary with 67% with Potter and 2nd in the Medium and Advanced Medium music with Lenny, so it was a good outing after the Christmas break.

We have five rides at the Regionals on the 6th February and I have quite a few clients there, so we will be busy and hopefully enjoy many celebratory toasts.