Lenny wows at Keysoe

Lenny Shines at Sheepgate

We had an awful journey to Sheepgate – the rain was pouring and when we arrived it was still raining! Lenny was not happy in the first arena, growing from 18.2hh to 20hh, passaging everywhere and snorting, so I made the decision to withdraw him so he didn’t have a bad experience; we’ve qualified for the Advanced Medium anyway. He then came out for the Advanced Medium Freestyle to Music and performed like a saint! Lovely and soft with just a tiny blip at the end which we can work on, but we won with 72.8%!

Last weekend we took Molly and Joey to the BYRDS Inter Regionals and what a good time we all had. The regions, Richmond Equestrian and RDO’s all worked hard to produce a great atmosphere and venue. Molly rode really well and produced a lovely test on the warm up. I was overprotective of Joey as he had a long journey with traffic, so we did not warm in – they came 7th. The next day on the Team test again I thought ‘oh Joey carries age so we will just walk the long walk from the stables and go in’ I should not have worried, he is fab on his Dengie diet! He was off in his canter hunting!! They came 12th and their score counted for the team, so that was good. The next day we worked in as normal – lesson learnt. Molly and Joey went lovely, we were all so pleased with the score of 79.7% (it was 88% the previous day) but unfortunately we did not achieve a great position. Fortunately Molly took it well as she was very pleased with Joey and her riding