Lenny wows at Keysoe

No Time for Holiday Blues

There was no time to suffer from the holiday blues on return from our lovely family holiday. It was straight back to work the following morning, and my feet did not literally touch the ground. I made sure I rode all of the horses with the help from Alyson (Stable Manager) and our new apprentice James York, we also managed to spring clean the yard with dad.

Our new house, i.e the timber frame arrived and thankfully none of the horses reacted to the large lorries turning up and disturbing the peace and quiet, it must be their Dengie fibre diets!

Larry, Lenny’s step brother, has arrived at the yard, he is a 3-year-old full of promise. We introduced him to the arena in the morning before I got on board, and I’m happy to say I stayed on board!

Now I need to get out there for the musics with Lenny and Potter and build up a programme for the Nationals for Lenny.