Qualified BSHII

Out of action

Apologies for the lack of updates recently. Unfortunately I managed to get a virus 6 weeks ago and it has made me dizzy and have chronic fatigue…not great and very frustrating when all you want to do is ride and compete!

Having fallen off at Aston between jumps I decided it wasn’t really that sensible to carry on Eventing while I was ill, so the horses have all been having a bit of an easy time since! They are all still in work and I have to say rather bored of not jumping or competing, but they are all well! Hopefully I will be back in action soon!

hill view from horseback

I have however had a good catch up with Dengie Performance Horse Nutritionist, Claire Akers who came to check in on Candy and ensure she was okay and still her enjoying her food! Claire also had my haylage analysed to check that all the horses were getting the nutrients required from it and to let me know if I needed to add any additional supplements to their diets! The team at Dengie are so helpful and approachable; they can never do enough to make sure my horses are on top form with their diets -I am very lucky!!

It was fab to be able to have the time to watch fellow Dengie ambassador Lucy Jackson win the ERM at Millstreet International Horse Trials – what a great result that was really well deserved! Hopefully I will be able to compete again soon and give you a more interesting update.