Lenny wows at Keysoe

Potter Qualifies for Medium Open

I’m delighted to report that Potter qualified today for the Medium Open! We had such a good show at Manor Grange, where he won both classes with 68.9% and 69.9%. Potter has now qualified for the Elementary, Elementary Music and Medium Open! I will give him some time off now and we will have him ‘cut’. It was a big decision as he has such a lovely character and not an ounce of trouble as a stallion, but we are advised that stallions are not viewed happily for a child to ride.

We had a trauma prior to going to Manor Grange. My father has got a dovecote and four doves are being ‘netted’ to home them. Barney, my dog however has just realised they are there and decided to jump on them…well there were feathers and fuss all round. One dove has decided to leave and I cannot blame her, another was not well and died on our return, so we are down to two doves…good job Potter went well!

Our next outing is with Lenny for the Musics.