Qualified BSHII

Qualified BSHII

The last few weeks have been quite quiet on the horse front, Sparkle went up to Hopetoun to compete in the CCI** but unfortunately he was very flat and quiet during his test and wasn’t himself. I had rode him on the Saturday morning and struggled to get him into canter, so I made the decision to withdraw him! However, the week wasn’t a total disaster as while we were up in Scotland I sat my BHSII exam, and am very pleased to say I passed it!

When we got home, I asked the vets to come and took a look at Sparkle. It turns out he has inflammation in his lungs and a chest infection, he’s now on a course of antibiotics and will have a quiet few weeks to recover.
Skipper is going to his first sj competition this sunday so I’m very excited about that! And Bob should be out in the next few weeks! ( we struggle with finding competitions in our area that go up to his level).

My pony clubs kids have had a fab time at junior dressage and eventing areas. The highlight was that one rider won individually in the dressage and two of them won individually in their arenas at the eventing areas!

I also want to say how amazing all the eventing community had been in supporting my friend Ben Hobday with his recent cancer diagnosis. It’s amazing how people all come together in difficult times to support each other, and I’m sure Ben will make a full recovery and be back where he belongs before we know it!

Thanks again for the continued support from Dengie! When everything else is going wrong at least I know my horses are having the best feed on the market!!