horse jumping fences

Variety is the spice of life for Lucy Jackson

We’ve begun 2018 at max capacity! Hugely exciting times as our new yard and the business are thankfully seemingly going from strength to strength.

We currently have three point to pointers in training, two young dressage horses to produce, four eventers gearing up for the season, four pre-trainers in work and two special retirees in for some TLC.

So the long promised ‘quiet season’ hasn’t happened, but we thankfully seem to be thriving on it. It’s taking some serious graft from my girls and the lucky horses are looking better than ever fuelled by fibre – no matter what discipline they’re in. It has been very interesting for me to compare how such contrast in horses age, discipline and even work level can all benefit from fibre. After all it’s what comes naturally to them, no matter what their goals in life.

The variety is hugely exciting for us and certainly keeping us on our toes but we’re proud as punch with the Eventers who have had their first proper dressage and jumping lessons this week. They’re really feeling full of beans and I’m pleased of how they’ve come through the winter. The main aims are Burnham, Belton, Chatsworth and Bramham this spring, so fingers crossed we’ll achieve what we set out to.

The pointers have had their first couple of races after an autumn of hunting and team chasing. So they too are ready for ribbons!

The pre-trainers have come in all shapes, sizes and stages but are a fantastically exciting arm to our new business. They’ve scored a win or two and will hopefully keep up the good form for the remainder or the jump racing season.

January and February often feel fairly frantic with short days and plenty to do. I don’t expect this season to be any different. Bring on longer days, more sunshine and the long awaited Event season…can NOT wait!