New from Dengie – Pure Grass

As the name suggests Dengie Pure Grass is just that – a pure grass feed. Nothing else is added – or taken away for that matter – so your horse gets all the natural goodness of pure grass.

Sustainability is key to everything we do at Dengie

All the grass we use in Pure Grass is grown in the eastern counties of England which keeps our “feed miles” as low as possible. The added benefit is that we can trace every bag back to the field it was grown in and so we know exactly where the grass has come from and what has been grown around it.

Harvesting at the optimum time

Means we can maximise the nutritional value of the grass. This simply means we’re taking it before the grass matures so it is easier for the microbes that live in the horse’s digestive system to break the fibre down. Energy and nutrients are released from the fibrous structure meaning your horse will get more from Pure Grass than it would a sun-dried forage such as hay.

Ideal for horses with poor teeth

Pure Grass is ideal for horses with poor teeth as the short chop length and softer structure mean it is easier to chew and digest. It can be used on a weight for weight basis to replace hay or haylage for older horses or horses who have diastemas. All horses can benefit from Pure Grass as part of their ration. Research has shown that providing stabled horses with multiple types of forage encourages them to forage and display more natural grazing and browsing behaviours. As a special treat why not add chopped carrots or apples to a bucket of Pure Grass?

Source of naturally occurring sugar

Pure Grass is a source of naturally occurring sugar as quite simply, that’s what is in grass! The level of sugar is around 12% so if your horse or pony has had laminitis we would suggest a feed from the Dengie Hi-Fi range would be a better option. However, for fussy horses and ponies, the natural sweetness of Dengie Pure Grass may be sufficient to tempt them.

Consistently Clean Fibre

The grass used in Pure Grass is dried using hot air to evaporate the moisture – tumble drying on a huge scale! This produces a consistently clean fibre source and so is ideal for competition horses or those with RAO or other respiratory issues. We regularly test our own and other forages to compare the levels of moulds which are measured in CFUs (colony forming units). Our dried forages are consistently below 100CFU and often below 10CFU – about as clean as you can get – whereas sun-dried forages are typically 1000CFUs or more. There’s a reason we invest in drying our grass the way we do and it’s to produce the cleanest, safest source of fibre possible.

Not just for horses

Dengie Pure Grass can be fed to a wide range of animals including sheep, goats and cattle as well as camelids such as alpacas.